It is proposal of renovation of `CIVA` building. The CIVA is a museum, archives, library, meetings and discussions place about architecture and landscape. Project site 0.2 ha, strategical urban planing site 2.5 ha.

LE VIDE. The project is not just place as potential place for the city but has a larger vision encompassing past and future, people and culture, nature and urban. Away from the conventional renovation, we propose invading the space with voids and filled with nature, like a continuous flow whose intensity varies through spaces along with the days, and seasons. Void as emptiness has full of potentials. Le Vide regenerates and reactivates its surroundings into various space.

Respecting existence are not about displaying but inviting in, going away from the simple contemplation to suggest participation and interactions. The essence of place, can be brought in much deeper ways. Here in our project nature and artificiality, past and future, exterior and interior are intertwined in a meticulous friction with one another through potentials of void.


Location :Ixelles, Brussels Capital Region
Year : 2021
Organisation :
Europan EuropeSociété d’Aménagement Urbain (SAU) de la Région de Bruxelles-CapitaleVivaqua, Commune d’Ixelles, Urban.Brussels, Commission Royale des Monuments et Sites

plug-in architects
plug-in architects
plug-in architects
plug-in architects
plug-in architects

project authors: 

Ilgin Ezgi TUNC, Plug-in Architects Inc, Tokyo

Keisuke KIRI, Kiri Architects, Tokyo


Onur YABANSU Architect, Interior Designer

Yusuke Ehara Architecture Student, Nihon University

Pyrianka Jadhav Architecture Student, Waseda University