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チキンビレッジ  CHICKEN VILLAGE 2021

Location: Komatsu Takigahara Farm, Japan
What: Chicken Coop/ Experimental Structure Design
Year: construction: 12~18 March 2021

This is a chicken village that was born in TAKIGAHARA FARM, a small satoyama village in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture.
As part of the development of an autonomous recycling-type base promoted by Mr. Teruo Kurosaki of the Flowstone Creative Industries Co,.Ltd, Chicken Village plans to fence off three cage-free chicken coops. 



As an experimental LAB, we target to find new system of making space which is reversible modular structure in construction system. 

Empowering DIY by using pre-cut plywood in space making, we were questioning current wood structures, how we can expand our horizon into reversibility. The coop consists two units which are 5.9 square meters each, connected to each other at different levels. Each units consists shelving structure modules, which are all precut plywood  and assembled with screws at the project site by participants. Each modules connected with metal bullions, which make the structure `reversible`. Than we arrived, can we say structural modules treated as furniture?

At the same time we were considering Nature shouldn't be harmed by foundation such such as using concrete for the foundation. That's why we introduced MegaAnchor (origin Italy) to use first time in Japan. Metal pipes gently drilled into the land and connected with metal joints to the upper structure. We intentionally tried two different levels for two units for challenging construction technics such as connections between each other.

Plug-in architects invented shelving structure module system through this workshop. 

We all learn that value of modularity and reversibility in construction technics of wood structure.

pia-lab modular architecture
modular units of chicken coop
construction of modular units
chicken coop komatsu
chicken coop komatsu

Structure Engineer Consultant:

Ohno Japan


Cecile BRISSEZ, Architects & Graphic Designer

Onur DEGIRMENCI Architect, Urban Planner

Yusuke EHARA Architecture Student, Nihon University

Kutsukake Ryota Architecture Student, Chiba Institute of Technology

Pre-cut Plywood Support: Kyushu, Marusen Kogyo

Foundation: Solar Phoenix, MegaAnchor SYSTEM

Collaboration with: Yoshimura Laboratory / Waseda University

(Yoshimura LAB was responsible of two other coop and site management)


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