14.08.2020 new collaboration:

Agrishelter + Plug-in Architects made collaboration for upgraded modular and sustainable, energy-efficient prefab  units which are made out of natural products with innovative construction detail technologies.

We are glad to make design for humanitarian issues such as displaced people due to war or natural disasters. Recently , global health crisis make people to think of live in small villages instead of big cities, which make solutions going back to primitive village settlements. Our goal is creating prefab units which are fast construction with low energy consumption , using local natural materials out of agriculture and providing energy-efficient shelters.

there are 2 types :

1- emergency shelters, which are community participant DIY constructions, flatpack systems. 
2- agriculturismo house units, targeting primitive-innovation energy efficient housing unit for tourism and settlements.

agrishelter, Milan Italy http://www.agrishelter.org/
plug-in architects Inc., Tokyo Japan https://www.plug-in-architects.com/

with research partners: University of Cambridge, England

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