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collaboration with

Nuova Belli Academia (NABA) Milan ITALY

Program hosted by

UTokyo Ushioda Memu Earth Lab.

Organized by

Ilgin Ezgi Tunc, Gabriela Galati, Yu Morishita

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poster design by: Husrev Emre, Istanbul


In the heart of Memu Earth Lab. dedicated to pioneering research with natural materials, this workshop invites international media students to embark on a unique educational journey. "Adaptation & Partnership" is not just a workshop; it's an immersive exploration that combines the wisdom of local natural environments with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Participants will dive into the essence of locality, experiencing and understanding the symbiosis between humans and nature in a setting vastly different from their own.

This intensive program is designed to enable students to read and interpret the local natural landscape through both physical engagement and AI analysis, offering a dual perspective that enriches their understanding of global environmental contexts. By integrating AI tools with hands-on experiences, students will decode the life and materials of another country, bridging geographical and cultural gaps. Participants are invited to delve into how local ecosystems and communities adapt to their natural surroundings while fostering partnerships between humans, nature, and technology.

Workshop Overview:

Dates & Location: [22~31/May/2024]

[Program hosted by University of Tokyo Ushioda Memu Earth Lab at Memu Open Research Campus]

Number of  students: 12


Program Leaders:

Ilgin Ezgi Tunc,  Architect & researcher, plug-in architects Inc.

Gabriela Galati, Professor at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti

Yu Morishita, Project Associate Professor, UTokyo

Guest lecturers:

Wataru Iwata, Sound Artist
Hikari Sandhu, Music Therapist
OUCHHH Studio, AI art studio,

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