The site of the competition is located within the Beyoglu and Sisli districts of Istanbul. The scope of the competition is the preparation of the urban design project for Taksim square and related neighborhood.

Shortlisted (in 8)project, out of 146 submissions.


Location :Istanbul Turkey
Year : 2020
Organisation :
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Konkur Istanbul

plug-in architects
plug-in architects
plug-in architects
plug-in architects
plug-in architects
plug-in architects

project authors: 

Ilgin Ezgi TUNC, Plug-in Architects Inc, Tokyo


Landscape Architect & Urban Designer: Hideyuki ISHII, Studio Terra Inc, Tokyo

Urban Designer: Nilgun Colpan ERKAN, PHD, YTU Istanbul

Structure Engineer: Mika ARAKI, Mika Araki Structural Design Office, Tokyo 

MEP Engineer: Seizo KAKINUMA ZO Consulting Engineers, Tokyo

Sustainable Energy Engineer: Noriko ITO ZO Consulting Engineers, Tokyo

Lighting Designer: Izumi OKAYASU Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design, Tokyo

Media and Art Creator: Michiyuki Ishita NIGHT WAVE Inc, Tokyo

Software Engineer: Yuki ANAI non-classic Inc, Fukuoka

Signage Designer: Akira SATO connectome.design, Tokyo


Onur YABANSU Architect, Interior Designer

Dalila GIAMPIETRO Architect, Graphic Designer

Onur DEGIRMENCI Architect, Urban Planner

Eda YALCINKAYA Urban Planner, MSGU Istanbul