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Location: Viale Molise 68 Milan Italy, Macao Milano/ Sala Hangar
What: Architecture and Design Workshop /  designing & construction
Year :10/23 – 11/3/2019

Plug-in For Rehab Workshop target to `rehabilitate` existing buildings through small scale interior wooden units. It is manifesto of `between furniture and architecture.` Independence from the main building structure, plug-in wooden units aim to create space to activate its surroundings. This workshop projects design for Macao Milano where is former slaughter house of food market Milan that is squatted by independent artists who are performing their shows and gathering time to time. We target to serve of their usage.

pia-lab modular architecture

Project CHA. It is a place where people can have meeting, meditation, self-time at its first floor and second floor separately. First floor also work as stage when its curtain is opened.

pia-lab modular architecture

Project NOMAD. it consisted with three separated units which are different heights. It is structure system which horizontal and vertical surfaces can be rearrange according to its usage. Serve for exhibition, seating , gathering.

pia-lab modular architecture

Project MILLIE.USE . The unit is private sleeping cabin , inside is sunken for seating, working as well as can be storage. It is on wheels, easily move wherever could be used.

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