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Location: World KitaAoyama Building 東京都港区北青山3-5-10
What: Social Distancing Benches 
Year :展示期間:10/23 – 11/3/2020営業時間:10:00 – 18:00

EVER AFTER WORKSHOP Designing social distancing benches under circumstances of Covid19 

The “Ever After” international design workshop, that is organized by pia-LAB was held from August 1-10 over the internet.
The objective was to create prototype items in biodegradable materials for exterior social distancing urban furniture according to the new context of Covid-19. Selected three of the eight projects were assembled at full scale and installed during  DESIGNART Tokyo 2020.
#DESIGNARTTOKYO2020 #everafterworkshop2020 #everafterworkshop #pialab #woodenfurniture #woodworking #urbanfurniture

World KitaAoyama Building Garden 

design art exhibition 2020

Special thanks to :
-  Marusen Kogyo for production of the projects,

 - Architect Adam Esposito for pictures and helping setting up,

-  Organizer of DesignArt Aoki Akio for his kind collaboration.


After Exhibition Furnitures re-located to Kawaguchi OKS Campus Garden that is open to public visit

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