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Based in Tokyo, but in truth better situated in cyberspace, informal network of designers, who live in various cities throughout the world, including colleagues in Tokyo, Istanbul, Milan, and New York.


Ilgin Ezgi TUNC / イルギン  エズギ  トゥンチ

1988  トルコ、イスタンブール生まれ

2011  ミラノ工科大学卒業

2014  同大学院修了

2014- ミラノ工科大学非常勤講師

2015- 藤本壮介建築設計事務所

2019- Plug-in For Rehab, Research Studio設立

2020- Plug-in Architects株式会社 設立

2020- piaLAB 設立


1988  Born in Istanbul, Turkey
2011  Studied in Università Di Trento, Italy
2014  Completed Master`s degree in Architecture from

Politecnico Di Milano, Italy
2014- Assistant lecturer at Master Course

Politecnico Di Milano, Italy
2015- Sou Fujimoto Architects, Tokyo
2019- Founder of "Plug-in For Rehab" ,
Experimental Architecture Workshop Studio, Tokyo

2020- Founder Plug-in Architects Inc., Tokyo

2020- Founder PIA lab, independent research LAB


yashiro photo office 2020

〒107‒0062  東京都港区南青山 3-13 みどり荘 no.2

3‒13 Minami‒Aoyama,  Minato ‒ ku, Tokyo 107‒0062, Japan  


Architecture and Design Research Laboratory PIA lab 


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