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Plug-in For Rehab Workshop target to `rehabilitate` existing buildings through small scale interior wooden units. It is manifesto of `between furniture and architecture.` Independence from the main building structure, plug-in wooden units aim to create space to activate its surroundings. This workshop projects design for Macao Milano where is former slaughter house of food market Milan that is squatted by independent artists who are performing their shows and gathering time to time. We target to serve of their usage.

Eight teams designed 8 projects. All participants and professors  voted three projects out of eight for proceed the construction phase. All participants divided into three teams to concluded construction of the projects. We all experienced value of democratic selection and glad to be part of all the process.
be part  of all




CHA 1st Prize

Eugenio Chironna (Italy)

Martina Caleragi (Italy)

Nadya Buelli (Italy)

Jingtu Chen (China)

Samuel Paul Torre (Australia)
Anna Lotti Linnea Sjndstrom (Sweden)
Konstantinos Kapranis (Greece)
Petar Delgyanski (Bulgaria)
Anna Pelevkova  (czechia)

Cha means `tea` in Chinese. It inspired from tea gathering in Asia and structurally referring to Katsura Villa in Kyoto. It is neutral space, which consists two floors. Serve as meditation, sleeping, small gatherings, stage and other self usages.

NOMAD 2nd Prize

Ana Kapsarova (Macedonia)

Eliza Del Castillo (Philippines)

Serap Sonmez (Turkey)

Yiqing Liu (China)
Meng Jiaqi (China)
Laura Padron Rodriguez (Spain)
Dalila Angela Giampietro (Italy)
Imge Duzgun (Turkey)
Amrita Batra (India)

Nomad structure inspired to be re-arrangeable by customer usage purpose each time. It has frame structure by wooden studs and modular plywood surfaces. Can be used as audience seat for stage performance, seating, self-time space, with shelve, storage even sleeping area.

MILIEUSE 3rd Prize

Gabriel Maslen (United States)

Laine Lazda (Latvia)

Joanna Abbas (Lebanon)

Caterina Sauciuc (Romaina)
Zvan Giada (Italy)
Pasero Alessandro(Italy)
Andrea Velkoska(Macedonia)
Matej Paladin (Montenegro)

MilieUse directly think about being sleeping unit. But not as regular sleeping unit, it has special sunken area, which can be seating and working space for user. Casters is helping to move the unit where it want to be.

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